Dominika Vodicka

Rewild Urself

Deine Auswilderungs-Expertin für Körper, Geist & Seele


Hey, I'm Dominika. I'm so glad that you're here! I would love to accompany your process of ReWilding your

Body, Mind & Soul.

Meet me

I was born in Czech Republic, grew up in Germany and today I am kind of a globetrotter. Not only physically I like to experience the versatility of our wonderful planet, also my soul wanders today between the (still split) worlds.

Even as a child, I was very close to nature and had a completely different perception than the people around me. I felt by nature infinite love for everything and everyone.

These natural qualities have been reshaped over time by the outside world: to lack, fear, insecurity, and the pursuit of material fulfillment and validation from others.

My professional life demanded a lot from me early on, as I had gained the conviction that money is the most important thing in life and also hard to obtain. I accomplished a lot, over a total of two part-time full-time degree programs and a career in international industrial companies and advertising agencies.

I also completely lost touch with my body at an early age and was always trying to get it into some kind of shape determined by others and to fight against its intuitive messages to me. The relationship with food and my body in general was very, very bad.

About 10 years ago, I felt the prevailing imbalance in my life with full force. I woke up from one day to the next in a life that I could no longer comprehend. A feeling of absolute emptiness spread, followed by a strong inner drive to review ALL areas of my life. My soul called me clearly. From that point on, nothing should be as it once was.

Within a very short time, I let go of everything that no longer served me. I had no idea what the NEW should look like and how it would shape up for me - yet I went 'all in'. I still do today.

My Values & Passion


A Life bursting with Love

Everything is nothing without love. Every human being is love in its essence. This energy is the origin of all of us. To bring this love visibly into experience, in my entire expression and my relationships, is the most important thing for me.


Personal Freedom

Equally important for me is personal freedom. To do what I love with all the space for infinite possibilities, so that my soul can develop and thrive. 


Ease in being

To me drama is super boring and I know that life is easy to live. If we choose to do so. Nothing is as it seems and you yourself create your experienced reality. You always have the choice how to create your life, regardless of what is going on outside.


True and meaningful connections

I share with you a very big part of me and my work. I live a well reflected life and want to be open to you, so I always offer the possibility for honest, clear exchange and nurturing collaborations. How about we all play straight with open cards and build a connection on truthfulness and pure, good intention? For genuine, dignified and nurturing encounters you don't need a strategy and you don't need to play a specific role. 

My Mission

Through years of training and self-experience, the collaboration with other wonderful souls and the reconnection with my true SELF, I offer people today an unlimited repertoire of joy, energy, valuable tools and eye-opening work - to significantly increase their own vibrational frequency and find their way back to their own path in life.

Today I live a free, sensual and fulfilled life bursting with love, shaped by the natural beauty of ebbs and flows.

Such a life is also possible for you, if you want to claim it. YOUR 'new' life, however, always has its price - it will cost you your old one.

If you are now ready to go your very own way and if you decide to give your best now - then you have with me a powerful, supportive and loving partner at your side.

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