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From external determination to self-efficacy

Take back your own power and create a life that reflects your true desires.


Find the true love that YOU are.

Create nourishing and loving relationships with yourself and others.


Health is not a lifestyle, but a natural expression of your daily life.

Find your true nature and therewith to stable health and to natural, perfect beauty.

Bali KopiTalk

You would like to exchange without actively working on a topic? Just allowing the energy to flow and seeing what opens up?

Let's talk!

Personalized, holistic Next-Level-Coaching

Du spürst genau, dass es Zeit ist, für aussergewöhnliche Veränderungen in deinem Leben – weisst aber nicht, Was, Wie und Wo?

Together we can illuminate your blind spots and resolve first blockages or resistance to action.

How do I know if Rewilding is right for me?

Often powerless, stressed and full of anxiety?

I want to feel blooming vitality, energy and joy in my life!

Feeling of powerlessness due to physical discomfort/illness?

Ich möchte lernen, die Sprache meiner Seele zu verstehen sowie meinen Körper ‚richtig‘ zu nähren und meinen Bedürfnissen entsprechend zu versorgen!

Dissatisfied at work and unfulfilled in life?

I want clarity and fulfillment in my business situation and in my personal life!

Often struggling with the same life issues?

Yes, I now stop the unnecessary loss of energy in my life and take responsibility for my health and happiness in life!

Struggling with relationships because of blocking traumas or stress?

I want to free myself from manipulation as well as old pain - and live true love. I am now ready for new experiences!


From external determination to self-efficacy

The world seems to struggle with chaos. A long overdue process of cleaning up and healing is relentlessly unfolding. Structures and circumstances that have been 'diseased' and destructive to life are being transformed. This also requires a new way of looking at things and your way of living.


Only the connection to nature and our own TrueNature is able to save us. Without the power of nature and our intuition, a connection to our soul is impossible and thus to our true freedom and self-efficacy. We may return to that 'maternal womb' that nourishes, cares for and protects us.

Being YourSelf - results in your very individual expression. It influences every area of your life, especially because you CONSCIOUSLY create this form yourself.

Together we open up for you, how you'll be able with

  • an empowering lifestyle
  • healthy and nourishing foods
  • wellness as a daily routine
  • healthy thoughts
  • a nourishing and meaningful work and
  • rocking relationships

to increase your vibrancy daily.

This is the basis for reconnecting with YourSELF and for your personal fulfillment.

Your 'Wildness' means moving in unknown territory, trusting life and enjoying curiosity.


Conscious partnership is a new form of relationship that life is now trying to teach us. Basically, it is the origin of our being with others, an old memory of our souls.


Some old discontinued models are now dissolving, which is clearly noticeable in many relationships (not only partnerships). Manipulations, ego games, destructive patterns, love deals and disrespectful, undignified togetherness can no longer be lived in a New World. Such relationships are already infertile today, in all areas of life. 

So what does it take for a new, conscious partnership?

The basis is the relationship with yourself. 

Taking full responsibility for your inside and outside. 

  • When you take responsibility for clarification of grievances and imbalances in your life and thus no longer burden others.
  • When you provide yourself with everything you need (emotionally and physically) and stop making others responsible for your well-being.
  • When you are secured in yourself, an encounter at eye level is possible. When the necessary space is provided for both, so that everyone can BE in his full greatness.
  • When everyone is self-supporting and a CONTRIBUTOR to the new community, the magic of life can happen and relationships become fruitful in all areas.


It is about independence for oneself and co-creation in the collective. Untangling the old twisted male and female roles and developing true masculine as well as true female power inside yourself .

To experience a new level of conscious, loving and all-around fulfilled sexuality.

Lived love and joy in togetherness is all it takes to be fulfilled and happy. This brings the breeding ground for a rich, flourishing life in community. This is the future.

You always have the choice - what do you want to choose?


Health is not just a lifestyle

People are still used to having almost completely surrendered their power over their health to industry, politics and pharma. If you want to not only survive but to thrive, it is essential that you take back your power!


The reconnection with Mother Nature,from which each individual body was created, is essential for our survival. Your intuition cannot be replaced by any dietary, sports or medical treatment plan!

The Healing Power of your Food and Lifestyle

My specialization is the daily support of the body in its natural processes. Your body needs every day individually substances and treatments to be able to do its natural work.

It always strives for homeostasis. This includes:

⚘ The discharge of wastes, toxins and other environmental (and internal) pollutants.. Your natural and healthy waste removal system collects, sorts, reloads and carries waste out of your body.

Due to today's diet and lifestyle, the body is hardly able to carry out these natural processes. The consequences are from loss of energy over discomfort, up to serious diseases.

This is where we start together, about your food, exercise, body and beauty care, wellness as well as your overall lifestyle and way of thinking.

⚘ Optimal supply of macro- and micronutrients. 

Depending on stress, age, gender, life circumstances and personal life phases, your body needs very different amounts and compositions of nutrients. If we were to eat naturally (organically) and according to the natural seasons (intuitively), as our ancestors did, we would always be supplied with everything our bodies need.

However, since mankind has managed to completely denaturalize our bodies and our food, we must first relearn what our bodies really need - when, how much, in what form and quality.

It's no longer about filling your belly, suppressing your sensuality via calorie counting and an aggressive exercise program or serving emotional eating - but about NURTURING your cells and your soul. This difference is critical to true health.

From beauty mania and fitting in different roles, to your authentic BEING

Your true radiance

How is it even possible to compare your wonderful and magical EarthSuit with any other on this earth? Don't you know that your body is a unique and perfect natural product? And do you believe that you are really ONLY this body?

The view of most people is still purely directed outward, full of evaluations and mostly devaluations - towards oneself and towards others. Enormous effort is spent and precious resources consumed to serve a market that denaturelizes us even more from ourselves. In this state it is impossible to achieve true joy, fulfillment and inner peace - as these are fully controlled by the outside world.

I want to encourage you to move away from an external form and representation - to your very own beautiful expression and radiance.

This inner health and charisma cannot be created purely through external efforts. Some things can be feigned in the short term through external changes and "embellishments" - but none of this is truly convincing and sustainable.

At the same time, you will no longer see the need for external embellishments and role-playing, as you will focus on your own perfect beauty. You will realize that you need far less than you think you do today.

Your energy signature is always visible, especially to those who have developed their sense of consciousness. 

You are felt or you are not felt. This is where all deception ends.

Back to your TrueNature

If your body is not healthy, your soul cannot unfold. Depending on your history, how and where you currently live, I can deduce what your body needs now to activate its self-healing powers.

Since this approach is highly individual and hardly transferable to others, the goal is that you YOURSELF learn to listen to your body.

Your natural relationship with your body is essential for a self-determined, energetic and fulfilled life. You are your best healer. Find your way back to your TrueNature.

Dein Koerper als liebevollen Verbuendeten; der Tempel deiner Seele

Bali KopiTalk

You would like to exchange without actively working on a topic? Just let energy flow and see what opens up?

Let's talk!


Wherever you are in the world - let's meet for a virtual Bali Kopi (traditional Balinese coffee).

The KopiTalk is ideal for you if you are stuck or need a boost of energy, but do not want a specific work appointment. I open up a beautiful and powerful space for us, where our energy can flow lovingly and freely.Any initial blockages can be released and you can gain new impulses or clarity for your next steps in our protected space. Or you can simply be inspired and discover new possibilities for yourself.

Dieses Angebot ist an jene gerichtet, die noch nicht mit mir gearbeitet haben. Den Ausgleich bestimmst du selbst vorab und wir vereinbaren einen Termin (up to 30 minutes).


mit Palmblatt-Lesung

Find your true purpose.

Du bist kraftvoller Schöpfer deines Lebens, ob du es bewusst gestaltest oder unbewusst. Du kannst dein Leben aus unterschiedlichen Intentionen heraus kreieren, entweder aus dem Ego heraus (was meist getrieben ist von Mangel, Trennung, Machtkampf, Angst) oder aus deiner Herzensessenz heraus (deiner Wahrheit).


Wie wir deutlich sehen können, fördert das weltliche Geschehen den Zerfall alter und sinnloser Egostrukturen – wohingegen Wahrhaftigkeit mehr und mehr ans Licht kommt.

Im ‚Kleinen‘ verhält es sich ebenso: wo du noch fremden und konditionierten Vorstellungen folgst, baust du auf Sand.

Wenn du hingegen wählst, deinem wahren Herzensweg zu folgen, wirst du alles erhalten, was du wirklich brauchst.

Dies kann für dich aktuell ganz verschiedene Bereiche betreffen, wie Beruf(ung), Partnerschaft, Kinderwunsch, Gesundheit, der richtige Wohnort (LebensRaum) für dich etc.

∞ Die LifePurpose Session ist eine Erweiterung meines regelmässig stattfindenden Online-Gruppen-Retreats ‚Finde deine Bestimmung‘. ∞

  • Wir sehen gemeinsam, was JETZT wichtig für dich ist, wo du jetzt stehst und was es jetzt von dir braucht.
  • Wir spüren Störquellen, Blockaden, Anhaftungen sowie destruktiv wirkende Überzeugungen in dir auf und erlösen, was erlöst werden will.
  • Du kannst Klarheit für dich erlangen und neue Lebensenergie freisetzen, indem das für dich transformiert wird, was dir nicht mehr dient.

Du kannst aus einer Opferhaltung heraus, in die Haltung des SelbstBewussten Schöpfers finden.

Ich führe dich in einem geschützten Raum an die tieferen Ursprünge deiner aktuellen Situation und du gewinnst neue Handlungs-Impulse.

Als Grundlage erhältst du eine ganz persönliche Palmblatt-Lesung, aus einer der ältesten und berühmtesten Palmblatt-Bibliotheken im Norden Balis.

Palmblatt-Manuskripte gehören zu den einzigartigsten Manifestationen des materiellen und immateriellen Kulturerbes, das auf Bali seit Jahrhunderten aufbewahrt wird. Die sogenannten ‚Lontar‘ werden in langer Tradition von Priestern erstellt (empfangen) und für verschiedene Anlässe genutzt, zum Beispiel zur Heilung als Medizin oder für Zeremonien. Sie werden mit grossem Respekt behandelt, da sie heilige Informationen enthalten und Träger mystischer Kräfte sind.

Deine persönliche Palmblatt-Lesung zu erhalten, bedeutet ein tiefgehendes und auch bewegendes Horoskop über dich und dein Leben zu erhalten. Ayu und Sri freuen sich darauf, dein Palmblatt für dich zu deuten und du erhältst eine Übersetzung auf Deutsch.

⚘ Dies ist ein ganz besonderes Geschenk und eine Wertschätzung für dich Selbst und deinen Lebensweg. ⚘

Deine Bestimmung leben - als Ausdruck von Dir, Seele

Rewilded Healing

Heilung durch Transformation aus Bali (inklusive einer Heilsession mit einem Balinesischen Heiler).


Wirkliche Heilung ist nur über Transformation möglich. 

Schulmedizin und klassische Therapie wirken meist unterdrückend oder behandeln immer nur auf der Ebene des Problems.

Entweder man wird wichtige Symptome oder Umstände direkt los (vorerst!) oder man verbleibt über lange Zeit im selben Sumpf, ohne wirklich einmal in die Tiefe gelangt zu sein.

Auch mit Naturmedizin werden häufig Symptome unterdrückt, weil der Patient es so will und weil kurzfristige Beschwerdefreiheit nunmal als Erfolg gilt. Richtig? Wie empfindest du das?

Menschen haben eine solche Angst vor Krankheit, Gebrechen und ‚Schicksalsschlägen‘ – nicht mehr zu funktionieren – so dass sie einfach alles ‚weghaben‘ wollen, was eine Störung bedeutet.

Dadurch werden Energien und besetzende Entitäten oftmals nur verlagert oder sogar an andere weitergegeben. 

Alle genannten Massnahmen KÖNNEN unterstützend wirken. Jedoch nur, wenn die Eigenverantwortung beim Behandelten verbleibt. 

Meist fehlt das Bewusstsein, um zu erkennen, dass es sich um zugrundeliegende, eigene Schöpfungen handelt, die transformiert und integriert werden wollen. Nur durch das wirkliche DurchLeben und Transformieren aus eigener Kraft und Absicht, kann nachhaltige Heilung stattfinden.

Die Zukunft liegt in ganzheitlicher, selbstverantwortlicher Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Kompetenzen – auf Augenhöhe.

👉🏽 Ich möchte dir eine Heilsession anbieten, die aus zwei Teilen besteht:

1. Du hast eine Fernheilungs-Session mit einem ganz besonderen traditionellen Heiler aus Bali, Jro Budi. In Bali wird man als Heiler(in) oder Priester(in) geboren, wobei man als junger Mensch diese Aufgabe offiziell annehmen muss. Jro Budi ist ein sehr moderner und liebevoller Heiler und wirkt in seiner Region für die Einheimischen und Besucher. 

Er verbindet sich hellsichtig mit dir und sieht, worum es für dich geht und was jetzt für dich wichtig ist. Er arbeitet energetisch mit dir, klärt deine Aura, kann dich auf ungelöste karmische Altlasten hinweisen und gibt dir wichtige Hinweise zu deiner aktuellen Situation. Er wirkt sowohl auf deinen physischen wie auch deinen Energiekörper.

2. Anschließend begleite ich dich in einer Session hellsichtig und hellfühlig, um Transformation und Integration zu fördern sowie deine Neuausrichtung zu initiieren. 

Ich unterstütze dich darin, den Heiler in dir Selbst zu erkennen und zu stärken. 

Dir wird zu keiner Zeit einfach etwas ‚entfernt‘ werden. Nur durch deine SelbstWirksamkeit wird geheilt werden. 

Du wirst Heilung/Veränderung in dem Maße erfahren, wozu Du Seele jetzt bereit bist und was du aktuell verkraften kannst.

Die Zeiten sind vorbei, wo wir noch etwas unbewusst abgeben können oder nach einem Erretter/Erlöser suchen können. 

Miteinander kraftvoll in Verbundenheit und Wohlwollen 🙏🏽🤍

My wish for you

Success in life means overflowing abundance and true abundance does not mean money. Values and beliefs in this world are changing a lot now.

Health, nurturing connections, happiness and joy are much more important and also create real freedom and peace. All this is within YOU - do not look further outside of you.

My desire and aspiration is to teach you to communicate with your heart. With an openness that touches others. My wish for you is that you live authentically and harmoniously from your heart. May you become the best partner for you and your body, so that you can end suffering and live a healthy and orgasmic life.

It is now time to come fully into our own responsibility. Today, more than ever, we must LIVE what we really ARE.


How it works

We schedule a free 1 on 1

We schedule a first free 1 on 1. Through our first conscious encounter, we can see what you really need and if working with me is right for you.

You choose your form of accompaniment

After our initial contact and a detailed consultation, you choose your appropriate form of accompaniment. We walk the path together and I am at your side as a partner throughout the whole time.

Your result

Reach your individual point of rewilding on your own responsibility. We reflect together on your result and then lovingly release you into YOUR wilderness.

3er Paket Sessions

Du weisst bereits, wo der Schuh drückt oder befindest dich in einer akut belastenden Lebenssituation – ob körperlich oder seelisch? Wir werden dir für den Moment die Last von den Schultern nehmen und deine SelbstHeilungs- und SelbstLösungskräfte aktivieren.


More details
  • 3 sessions á 60 minutes (within 6 weeks)
  • via internet phone (What's App, Telegram) or live zoom session
  • Pre- and post-talk included
  • I accompany you during the time additionally by mail or messenger, also to promote your self-reflection. You always have me as a support, if necessary (Messenger-SOS included)
  • In addition to our sessions, you will receive tools and impulses (homework) for your own use.

There is always the possibility to get a recording of our session. Please let me know in advance if you wish to have it. 

Single sessions also possible (on request), if you have already worked with me at least once. 

5er Paket Sessions

You want to go even deeper or you already know that we will illuminate several areas of your life? Go on, your effort will be worth it!


More details
  • 5 sessions á 60 minutes (within 3 months)
  • via internet phone (What's App, Telegram) or live zoom session
  • Pre- and post-talk included
  • I accompany you during the time additionally by mail or messenger, also to promote your self-reflection. You always have me as a support, if necessary (Messenger-SOS included)
  • In addition to our sessions, you will receive tools and impulses (homework) for your own use.

There is always the possibility to get a recording of our session. Please let me know in advance if you wish to have it. 

Also 10 coaching package possible (on request)

Single sessions also possible (on request), if you have already worked with me at least once. 

LifePurpose Session with palm leaf reading

Finde deine wahre Bestimmung im Jetzt, mit diesem Einzel-Intensiv-Coaching inkl. persönlicher Palmblatt-Lesung.


More details
  • 1 Live-Session á 60 Minuten
  • persönliche Palmblatt-Lesung (als PDF) aus einer der ältesten Palmblatt-Bibliotheken in Bali (Lesung mit Channeling inkl. Übersetzung ca. 2-4 Wochen Vorlauf vor unserer Session)
  • via internet phone (What's App, Telegram) or live zoom session

There is always the possibility to get a recording of our session. Please let me know in advance if you wish to have it. 


RewildedHealing Session with Healer

Healing through transformation from Bali.


More details
  • 1 Fernheilung (und Austausch mit Balinesischem Heiler / auf Deutsch oder Englisch)
  • 1 Live-Session á 60 Minuten mit mir
  • via internet phone (What's App, Telegram) or live zoom session

There is always the possibility to get a recording of our session. Please let me know in advance if you wish to have it. 


Annual Mentoring

Du möchtest konstante Begleitung und Unterstützung während herausfordernden Lebensphasen – ein Life Backup? Oder sind dir einfach kontinuierliche Impulse, Lösungen und Energiespritzen wichtig, damit wir deine Entwicklung auf DEINER Spur halten?

Then the annual mentoring is just right for you.


More details
  • 1 session/month á 60 minutes for a duration of 12 months
  • via internet phone (What's App, Telegram) or live zoom session
  • Pre- and post-talk included
  • 1x month Messenger SOS included
  • In addition to our sessions, you will receive tools and impulses (homework) for your own use.

There is always the possibility to get a recording of our session. Please let me know in advance if you wish to have it. 

Bali KopiTalk

Energieschub, Inspiration oder Klarheit gewünscht? Wo auch immer du dich auf der Welt befindest – let's meet for a virtual Bali Kopi (traditional Balinese coffee).


More details
  • via internet phone (What's App, Telegram) or live zoom session
  • You don't need to bring a specific topic. I open a space for us and we see together what is present and important NOW. (up to 30 minutes)

Messenger SOS

You have an urgent request and want support, but an appointment is currently not possible? Then send me a text or a voice message. I feel as quickly as possible into the subject, provide you possible solutions and offer you emotional support.

according to time

More details
  • Send me a message via What's App or Telegram
  • Requirement for this service is that you have already worked with me at least once.

  • Charging is based on time spent.


My energy and my way of working are not suitable for everyone, because it is also demanded a lot from yourself.

At the same time, however, a strong inner resistance on your side can also indicate that you are now exactly right with me.

The best thing is, we go directly into a dialogue with each other and see what opens up NOW.

My offers serve your inner development as well as the conscious management of your life and your diet. No diagnoses are made and no treatments are made. My work does not replace a consultation with a doctor or alternative practitioner, nor does it replace a therapeutic treatment.

If you suffer from acute health or mental illnesses, I recommend you to consult a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist of your choice.

Still have questions?