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Most frequently asked questions

Wo finden die Sessions statt?

Auf der ganzen Welt, wenn du möchtest ☺︎

We meet online - via Messenger (Whats App or Telegram) or via Zoom.

Is a session via online as effective as in person?

Yes and no. From my experience, working together online can be even more effective because you are at home in a familiar and relaxed environment. Some of my clients even go out into nature for our sessions.

I connect with you on another and deeper level, there is energetic exchange of information at any time, no matter where you are. Also, it will often start working before our appointment, as well as afterwards.

What do I need to prepare for a session?

A session is always effective, no matter what 'state' or circumstances you are in.  After our first 1 on 1, I will give you individual recommendations. Basically, it is great if you can tune in half an hour beforehand and take a moment of silence. Of course you can also prepare notes. Everything that is (really) important always opens up to us during our session.

Do I have to be a certain age to work with you?

I don't work (only) with your body, so your chronological age doesn't matter. My oldest client so far was in her early 70s and my youngest client was 12. What matters is the readiness of your soul.

Ist auch eine einzelne Session buchbar?

Basically, yes!

The packages have been composed based on my own experience and the experience with my clients to offer the greatest possible development opportunities. If you have worked with me before (at least once), you can also book individual sessions with me.

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